Bassingfield Guitars


Welcome to tuition at Bassingfield Guitars



We offer guitar and bass guitar tuition and mentoring.


Whether you are new to your instrument, feel like you are stuck in a rut with your playing or just fancy trying a new hobby.  We are here to help.


Our tutor Andy has been playing professionally and teaching for over 15 years. He performs throughout the UK and has gigged around Europe.



All our lessons are 1-2-1 and tailored to the needs of the student.


We all learn and process things differently so we like to make your lesson as helpful and enjoyable as possible.  


We offer three different booking options.


30 mins – £10 Ideally suited for the younger student or for someone with a busy schedule


45 min - £15 Great for a student that wants a little more time to focus on their current program.


1hr - £20 we recommend an hour lesson for the more advanced player or a student that is currently studying music in education.

We can achieve a lot in a 1hr lesson.


We are open for lessons between 10am and 9pm Monday to Friday.


Email or call for current available time slots.


What is mentoring?


Mentoring is for the player that can already play well but feels the need to have someone to set them tasks and help aid in

self-development.  A bit like a personal trainer would do in a Gym.  


We can arrange a program to develop theory knowledge, techniques, styles and help build your confidence and develop you as a better musician.


Email ( or call for more details.